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4.00-6 Knobby Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire
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4.00-6 Knobby Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire 4.00-6 Knobby Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire - Tread pattern close-up  
4.00-6 Knobby Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire
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Item#:  114292
Retail Price  US $79.99
Our Price:  US $64.89
You Save:  US $15.10 (19%)
The 4.00-6 Knobby Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire features an aggressive tread design that extends onto the sidewall of the tire and the generous space between the knobby tread make this a good turf tire. The foam fill gives the user peace of mind he/she will never get a flat or have to fill the tire with air. Sold individually (each). For a pair, order quantity 2.

4.00-6 Knobby Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire

  • C166 tread pattern (knobby design)
  • Bead width is 3.43 (Use the guide below for help finding your proper bead width)
  • 4 ply construction for maximum durability
  • Two piece wheels (split rims) are required
  • Latex free
  • Sold individually (each). For a pair, order quantity 2
Fitment Notes:
The 4.00-6 Knobby Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire wheelchair tire is a known replacement for some Invacare Storm Series Power Wheelchairs with the 4.00-6 tire option and the Quantum 6000Z (with 4 spoke and HS or H2 Motors) with the 4.00-6 tire option. It also fits the Jazzy / Quantum 1450 wheelchair (the original tire was a charcoal gray). It may fit others needing this size and bead width. Measuring your bead width is always advisable for confirmation..
Measuring to find proper bead width

A Few Words About Foam Filled Wheelchair and Scooter Tire Bead Width

Foam filled wheelchair tires and foam filled scooter tires provide added peace of mind knowing you won't ever get a flat tire and you won't ever have to fill the tire with air. This added peace of mind requires your wheelchair or scooter to have a two piece wheel (also called a split rim) to be able to install them. Since a foam filled tire is basically a pneumatic tire filled with foam during the manufacturing process, tire sizing is the same. However the bead width of the split rim can vary. This is because there was never standard (split rim) bead width sizing adopted in the wheelchair/scooter industry. As a result you can have several tires of the same size with different bead widths and only one of them will properly fit your split rim. If the bead width of the tire you purchase is too narrow for your split rim, there will not be enough compression between the two halves of your split rim against the tire causing the tire to rotate separately. If the bead width is too wide, you will never get the two halves of the split rim and the tire screwed back together. Taking the time to measure bead width will ensure you purchase the right foam filled tire and save you from an installation headache and the hassle of sending them back.
If you have questions about which wheelchair or scooter tire to purchase, how to determine the correct size, or an installation question,visit our buying guide for wheelchair and scooter tires.
4.00-6 Foam Filled Knobby Wheelchair Tire
4.00-6 Foam Filled Tire
F083, 114292, TIRSOLI1092, TIR8110023, F70047

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Heavy Duty Foam Fill Tire Installation Tool for Wheelchairs and Scooters
US $22.49 (Retail Price US $29.99)
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4.00-6 Power Wheelchair and Scooter Inner Tube
US $9.79 (Retail Price US $11.49)
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