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24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design
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24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design 24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design - tread pattern close-up 24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design - Profile view shown  

24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design

Item #: AL222  
The 24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design and No Cords features a pyramid profile design with a flat center section providing a comfortable ride on smooth surfaces. Sold individually (each). For a pair, order quantity 2.
Regular Price$19.99
You Save:$5.50 (28%)

24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design and No Cords

  • Low profile design with smooth tread
  • Dark gray color
  • No air or inner tube needed (flat free)
  • Designed for those wheelchair rims without a valve hole for an inner tube valve stem
  • Latex free
  • Please read the fitment and installation notes (shown below) prior to purchase!
  • Sold individually (each). For a pair, order quantity 2
Installation Note - Read Before Purchase
Because this tire has no cords embedded in the urethane, the uninstalled tire is substantially smaller (roughly 19" in diameter uninstalled) than the rim it goes on and as a result a great deal of force is needed to stretch the tire onto the rim. Keep in mind most of the wheels for this tire (wheel/rim) measure 23" to 23.5" so it cannot be installed by hand or with hand tools. A solid tire installation tool is the recommended method to install this wheelchair tire onto the rim. Below is a video of our  Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool mounted in a vise being used to install this tire.

Fitment Note
This tire is original equipment on Invacare's 9 spoke mag wheel (prior to 11/16/09 (Invacare part number 1080400). Also fits many Drive, Medline, Quickie and E&J wheelchairs needing this size. As of 11/16/09, Invacare switched to a corded tire (tire model U2222C - Invacare part 1118209), which can be found on this page. The tire is essentially the same, but made easier to install because it has cords embedded in the urethane (uninstalled it is larger in diameter than this tire). A tool is still required.

Installing these tires onto a wheelchair rim can be very challenging without the proper tools. This is because the tire itself is smaller than the wheelchair rim and needs to be stretched onto the rim. If you do not have the ability or the tools to properly install these tires, it is advisable to seek professional help. Please note that will only accept returns of undamaged / uninstalled tires.

If you have a properly mounted bench vise, you can purchase a solid tire installation tool which can be found on these pages:
If you have questions about which wheelchair or scooter tire to purchase, how to determine the correct size, or an installation question,visit our buying guide for wheelchair and scooter tires

24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design and No Cords
Tire, Solid, 24 x 1 Inch, Black Polyurethane, Low Profile, Pyramid Shape, Smooth Tread

AL222, RP255006, 240100-E, 1080400, 7724006-3
 Average Rating:  4 Star Rating
 based on 27 Customer Reviews  
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   not too expensive to fix perfectly good wheelchair, September 23, 2021  By John B (Los Angeles, CA)(Verified)
I had to order twice because I did not realize I ordered only 1 tire the first time. Why not sell these in pairs? Having said that the tire fit perfectly using your installation tool on our Breezy wheelchair (it does take some force). Hopefully they last longer than the original tires which literally crumbled away. Wheelchair is now like new!
   fixing wheels, June 4, 2021  By Anonymous (Millville, PA)
Great buy. with the help of 2 strong friends my bother was able to stretch the the tire onto the rim . We did it without a tool .YES!
   Accurate reviews, May 23, 2021  By Jonathan (Amherst, MA)(Verified)
Overall I think the reviews are accurate - This is a tough job! I needed my brother-in-law to come over and help turn the wheel. I think the install bar tool could be stronger too (it started to bend up). We bent it back then clamped it back in the vise by the smaller peg to stop it from bending. Tires are on and don't seem to mark up the floors. Wheelchair is a Medline. Many thanks for the great price and fast shipping
   Tire not mountable, March 12, 2021  By Anonymous (Montgomery, AL)
Seems the seller did not highlight the extreme difficulty of mounting this tire. It is a very poor design requiring unreasonable stretching to mount. I took it to a shop where they had a device for mounting and they could not do it after a lot effort. They never got the bead to stretch enough to go into the track. This is a terrible product in my opinion.
   Bought becasue of low price and almost returned, October 16, 2020  By Anonymous (Los Angeles, CA)(Verified)
These tire are a joke to install. Customer service informed us we need a tool for our vise which we then bought which didnt work. It turns out it doenst work unless your working bench doesnt move. who has a work bench that is screwed to the floor? Once we got the bench to not move the tool did the job. I am posting this so others will see the installation is not as easy as you might think.
   Medline, May 27, 2020  By Robert (Dallas, TX)(Verified)
Bought for my fathers Medline wheelchair. I took them to a bike shop to install (after they said they could) and found out they couldnt. Actually they said you purchased the wrong size and should have gotton a 26" size. After re-reading the paper that came with the tires and the web page again, I see i did order the correct size and ordered the install tool. The tool comes with step by step instructions and I was able to install the tires without any drama. I did leave the tires in the sun for a while to soften them up. You do need some upper body strength to turn the wheel when it is in the vise. Absolutely way less money to buy these than a whole wheel/tire combo from Medline. Thank you
   Well..., January 14, 2020  By Anonymous (Burlington, NC)(Verified)
Shipping was very fast. Installing was difficult. Would not recommend trying at home yourself. It took us about 2hours using a ratchet strap & zip ties & long flat head screw drivers. Granny was very happy to have new tires though!
   Great replacement tire - minimal cost, December 5, 2019  By logan (Long Beach, CA)(Verified)
We buy these replacement tires for servicing a large fleet of Invacare and Drive wheelchairs at our facility. Our old supplier was charging us almost double the price! The big plus for us is the fact we can buy them as needed and have them delivered in short order. Thank you
   24x1 in.Urethane wheelchair tire with pyramid designs, July 13, 2019  By Anonymous (Winter Haven, FL)
So glad parts are available for order.
   Excellent price and service, March 26, 2019  By Joseph  (Miami Gardens, FL)
Hello, using your tool I had no issues mounting these tires. They arrived in couple of days (from California) which was impressive. I will highly recommend your company in our retirement community
Thank you
   It Does Work, January 24, 2019  By Ken R (Daphne, AL)
Had my doubts if the tire would really stretch that far to fit the wheel but it does. Soaked tire in hot water first and asked a strong friend to help. We also used some zip ties to assist us. Tire fit like a glove! Economy tool could have been a bit stronger but it works.
   BEWARE THIS TIRE IS SMALL, January 9, 2019  By Anonymous (Central FL)
I feel you folks are not doing enough to tell us customers how small this tire is compared to the wheel it goes with. We spent a considerable amount of time finding a place that would mount a tire purchased elsewhere. After finding someone and sharing our frustration he did it for a nominal charge. Purchasing a tire shouldn''t be a hassle
   Great price for a good tire, November 1, 2018  By R Richards Jr 
After reading so many negative reviews across multiple websites, I took the chance and bought these for my Dads Drive wheelchair. It seems that people say its the wrong size tire or that it is too hard to install. Sure enough when the tires arrived I discovered they were almost 4 inches smaller than the outside lip of the wheel. You can''t even come close to stretching this thing by hand so I had to make my own tool using angle iron clamped in a vise. The wheel was bolted to the angle iron with a long screw and some washers just tight enough so it could still turn but not come off. I used a long steel pin threaded on one end bolted to just past the wheel to stretch the tire. With some effort the tire went on without a hitch. I will say it takes lots of strength and at one point I was thinking the wheel might break so maybe thats where the negative reviews come from. The second tire went on much faster since I knew it would. It does seem like a lot of work to make a tool to mount one set of tires but in the end it really wasn''t that long.

Kudos to Enable Your Life for assuring me that I did purchase the correct tire and encouraging me to make a tool even though I''m sure they would prefer me to purchase their tool.
   Great replacement and price, September 7, 2018  By Lisa J (FL)
This was for a chair we borrowed for my Dad. Wanted to replace old tires before returning the chair to my Aunt. It was definitely a job for a man, but my husband and I were able to get it done. Just have to be patient and keep working at it til the tire seats properly. Thanks for customer service, too.
   Takes two people to install, August 9, 2018  By Eddie S (Schaumburg IL, IL)
I had to make a second order for your handy installer tool which I was going to complain about but after reading this page again I can see that a tool is needed is clearly stated.
   Works great!, May 28, 2018  By Michael Everidge (MORRISTOWN, TN)
Bought this product and first thought they were too small. Referred to this website and video and realized I was using the tool the wrong way. Mounted the tire just like the video and it worked.
   Thank you for all of your help, May 27, 2018  By Anonymous (Carmi, IL)
Thank you for all of your help. I won’t be returning the tires as I was able to install them. I put a piece of pipe over the brake to act as a roller and was able to turn the tire onto the rims using a little dish soap as lubricant and a large zip tie to hold my start point in place. Once the tire was on the rim I removed the wheel to get the brake out from between the tire and rim and used a dead blow hammer to seat the tire into the rim completely. I never would have dreamed it would fit on my first attempt, but after speaking with your support staff I got the job done. Thank you.
   Wheelchair tires, May 22, 2018  By Anonymous (Ave Maria, FL)
Bought these wheelchair tires and took them to 5 different medical equipment places to have installed and was told these are not the proper size and no way could they be stretched to the size you are claiming. I contacted you to return which wasn’t a problem until I find out it’s going to cost over 22.00 dollars to return. I have already lost the 9.95 shipping and now I have to pay more to ship back then I will be refunded... THATS AWESOME BUSINESS!!! Selling a product that doesn’t work and the customer has to pay to return.
   Tough job, February 20, 2018  By G Jordan (AL)
Wow these tires were hard to install. Didnt buy the tool at first becasue I have a garage full of tools and am pretty handy at most things. I know now why you have all of the warings and cautions and as you can probably guess, we had to order the tool. Take my advice, you cannot stretch the tire enough and get them on the rim at the same time. The inner portion of the tire is also wider than the rim and won''t fit until you stretch it (it will thin out to fit). I put them on an old Tracer wheelchair by Invcare to donate to our local church and they fit perfect.
   Replacement tire, December 23, 2017  By Bill (Oconomowoc, WI)
2 man job! Finally soaked tire in boiling water which made job easier. Very difficult, bent installation tool....Lots of stress!
   Very happy customer here, November 30, 2017  By Mr & Mrs. Jennings (Miami Gardens, FL)
We had purchased these tires from Amazon and returned them becasue we thought they were the wrong size. Coming here, we realized these tires were the right size, they just need a tool to install. Even with the tool, it is a little hard to install, but we managed to get them on. Thank you for having a web page that explained it ALL to us and thank you for the substantially lower price!
   Excellent service, September 6, 2017  By Melvin  (Tigard, OR)
We had called Invacare who explained to us this tire was no longer available yet here it is for a great price! We took the advice and purchased the tool for installation and it worked like a charm with two of us turning the wheel. Thank you
   The deal of the century, July 27, 2017  By Peter K 
The local medical shop wanted a $100.00 for these tires and to install them. I spent less than $60 with the tool and did it my self
   make your own tool, July 9, 2017  By Roy (okydoky, OK)
Works for a cuiser wheelchair. we made our own tool by welding some round stock to the shop bench. 1 rod for the wheel and one for the tire. it took lots of muscle (two of us) to turn the wheel and it went on no sweat. the tire is a little different than the dry rotted one but once on you really cant tell.
   replacement tires, June 1, 2017  By Bruce St Germain (Montz, LA)
Installed these on my father-in-laws medline wheel chair. Perfect fit. Watch the installation video. You will need the installing tool or make one like I did to install the tires. Also recommend 2 people when installing as it takes a good bit of strength to install these. Highly recommend instead of replacing the set of whole tires for $300

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