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24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design
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24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design 24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design - tread pattern close-up 24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design - Profile view shown  

24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design

Item #: AL222  
The 24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design and No Cords features a pyramid profile design with a flat center section providing a comfortable ride on smooth surfaces. Sold individually (each). For a pair, order quantity 2.
Regular Price$19.99
You Save:$5.50 (28%)

24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design and No Cords

  • Low profile design with smooth tread
  • Dark gray color
  • No air or inner tube needed (flat free)
  • Designed for those wheelchair rims without a valve hole for an inner tube valve stem
  • Latex free
  • Please read the fitment and installation notes (shown below) prior to purchase!
  • Sold individually (each). For a pair, order quantity 2
Installation Note - Read Before Purchase
Because this tire has no cords embedded in the urethane, the uninstalled tire is substantially smaller (roughly 19" in diameter uninstalled) than the rim it goes on and as a result a great deal of force is needed to stretch the tire onto the rim. Keep in mind most of the wheels for this tire (wheel/rim) measure 23" to 23.5" so it cannot be installed by hand or with hand tools. A solid tire installation tool is the recommended method to install this wheelchair tire onto the rim. Below is a video of our  Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool mounted in a vise being used to install this tire.

Fitment Note
This tire is original equipment on Invacare's 9 spoke mag wheel (prior to 11/16/09 (Invacare part number 1080400). Also fits many Drive, Medline, Quickie and E&J wheelchairs needing this size. As of 11/16/09, Invacare switched to a corded tire (tire model U2222C - Invacare part 1118209), which can be found on this page. The tire is essentially the same, but made easier to install because it has cords embedded in the urethane (uninstalled it is larger in diameter than this tire). A tool is still required.

Installing these tires onto a wheelchair rim can be very challenging without the proper tools. This is because the tire itself is smaller than the wheelchair rim and needs to be stretched onto the rim. If you do not have the ability or the tools to properly install these tires, it is advisable to seek professional help. Please note that EnableYourLife.com will only accept returns of undamaged / uninstalled tires.

If you have a properly mounted bench vise, you can purchase a solid tire installation tool which can be found on these pages:
If you have questions about which wheelchair or scooter tire to purchase, how to determine the correct size, or an installation question,visit our buying guide for wheelchair and scooter tires

24 x 1 in. Urethane Wheelchair Tire with Pyramid Design and No Cords
Tire, Solid, 24 x 1 Inch, Black Polyurethane, Low Profile, Pyramid Shape, Smooth Tread

AL222, RP255006, 240100-E, 1080400, 7724006-3
 Average Rating:  4 Star Rating
 based on 50 Customer Reviews  
Write a Review
   Arrive very quickly but hard to install, November 20, 2022  By Michael and Janice (Melbourne, FL)(Verified)
It took many tries using the tool we bought with the tires. We finally figures out that our work surface needed to be secured down so it would not move. Even then it was hard to turn the wheel but it went on finally. We will be ordering the seat next and maybe the pads on top of the arm panels.

Thanks you for the speedy shipping service too
   Wheelchair tire, November 15, 2022  By Anonymous (Escondido, CA)(Verified)
Little difficult to install , but they look like they will work great !
   Great set of tires, November 5, 2022  By Jesse Blancas (Pasadena, TX)
These tires fit my American Bantex (Defunct manufacturer) wheelchair perfectly. The rims dimensions were 24". The replacement tires were about 19"! Fortunately I purchased the economy installation tool. It took me about 45 minutes to mount the first tire. I found it very useful to use washers and vise grips to keep the tire and rim from sliding up the spindles. To keep the tire in the channel while turning, I used tie wraps between each spoke as I turned the tire. I did not have the strength to turn the tire all the way around so I asked my wife to help me. With both of us, we got the wheel on. I removed the wheel from the tool (as demonstrated on the installation video) and used a rubber hammer to seat the tire evenly. The second tire took me about 10 minutes. I realize that this may be the only time that I'm going to use this tool but after this experience, so know that I couldn't have mounted the tires without it!
   wheelchair tires, October 27, 2022  By Anonymous (FALLBROOK, CA)(Verified)
Everything was delivered on time the only problem was the instructions to put the tire on should have included either soaking the tire in boiling water for for 5 minutes or maybe put it in the oven to soften the material . So I'm a jack of all trades I've worked with many types of materials wood metal Etc.

I just about gave up until I came across one post. About the boiling water. Also lubing Up the Rim a little bit. Well take it for what it's worth. I guess the old saying is a Country Boy Can Survive. Thanks and God bless
   Had to make a tool, October 7, 2022  By Wally (Boston, MA)(Verified)
How is it you sell a tire that requires a mounting tool to put on but don't have the mounting tool in stock? I finally made the tool and put the tires on. The tires seem good and you shipped extremely fast so I would have given 5 starts if you had the tool in stock!
   Tires fit perfect for my Drive brand wheelchair, September 16, 2022  By Lizzette (Dahlonega, GA)(Verified)
As everyone says they are smaller than the wheel so be sure to order the tool to go with them. We left them in the hot sun for a while and they were noticeably softer and stretchier.

Its hard to believe the original tires only lasted 2 years - they literally peeled away in chunks. And we only used the wheelchair for my mother when she was sick maybe 5 times.

But now we are all good!
   Chairr tire, September 1, 2022  By Anonymous 
Our n helpful/ew tire fit perfectly and the staff at Enable Your Life were extremely
   hard install but it does install, August 26, 2022  By Robert T (ORLANDO, FL)(Verified)
the install tool is definitely worth the 25 bucks as there is no way to install these tires without it. put on an everett and jennings wheelchair. i was going to buy a new wheelchair but now the wheels are like new so i saved big bucks from not buying the new wheelchair
   This can be done but it is not easy!!!!, July 31, 2022  By Janet (Saint Louis, MO)
We purchased new tires and most importantly the tool to install them. My husband and I are in our mid 70's and this was difficult. We did accomplish the task but had trouble getting the tires to stay on the rim where they were started. We ended up using two heavy duty clips to hold the tires on to the rim while we both turned the wheel so the tool could work. Believe the reviews when they say you need the tool. Also you have to have a vice attached to a sturdy workbench or you will never get them installed. Very happy with the result. The tires are great.
   Medline wheelchair tires, July 28, 2022  By JH (Montgomery, AL)
Installed with a 2 x 4, a long bolt to hold the wheel and a piece of round broken broom stick. Drilled hole for the long bolt and mounted the wheel to the 2 x 4 (so the wheel still turns). Drilled a second hole using a spade bit for the broom stick at the edge of the wheel then clamped the whole thing in the vise. The tension on the tire will keep the broom stick in place. The tire is very small and doesn't seem like it will stretch but oddly it does. The tire also thins out to fit in the groove only after it is stretched. Once the tire is on, remove the broom stick and the tire is on. My homemade install jig worked just fine and cost me nothing as it was all stuff laying around the garage.

As others have said, this tire is small and without some kind of workable leverage tool you will never stretch it to fit on the wheel.

   rollin again with new skins, July 7, 2022  By thomas thompson (Sun City, AZ)(Verified)
great tires - im glad i got the install tool, it was hard even with the tool - any vehicle shows improvement when it gets new tires
   24 X 1 Urethane Wheelchair Tires, June 30, 2022  By Leonard Thomas (Duluth, GA)(Verified)
These urethane wheelchair tires were perfect replacements for the Breezy wheelchair that we had. They were needed because the original tires were deteriorating. Enable Your Life shipped the product the same day and they arrived very promptly two days later. I was able to change them out using the tire replacement tool also sold by the company and now the wheelchair is back in service. Thanks for the prompt service.
   Replacement tire, June 16, 2022  By Israel Esparza (Driscoll, TX)(Verified)
Great tire and price.
   good tires, June 12, 2022  By nancy d (green bay, WI)(Verified)
received these tires in two days and we put them on with a tool my husband made. it would have been silly to by a new wheelchair from drive just because of bad tires!
   Had to return, May 13, 2022  By Benson (New York, NY)(Verified)
Apparantly you need some kind of tool to put them on the wheels - You might of mentioned this on your website BEFORE I made my order
   Great Tires, May 7, 2022  By Ron Boyer (camarillo, CA)
Needed 2 tires for an older E&J chair with molded wheels. Fit great! Definitely need the installation tool, and still a lot of muscle
   Tracer wheelchair tires, April 21, 2022  By Anonymous (Kansas City, KS)(Verified)
not really as bad of a mounting as everyone has said - you will need the mounting tool. I also left them in the sun which helped make the tire more pliable.
   Chachito, April 5, 2022  By Anonymous (MCALLEN, TX)
Good product and fast dilivery
   Just Okay, March 24, 2022  By Anonymous (Greensboro, NC)(Verified)
First the good news. The tires are on and are just like the old ones. They arrived quickly and the email with the tracking information was helpful. Putting the tires on was not such good news. My husband struggled for quite awhile. It seems the tires are much smaller than the old ones and take a huge amount of force to install. I heard words coming from his mouth I haven't heard in 20 years! We knew they were going to be smaller but that small? Anyways they are on and we now have a like new wheelchair. Thank you and god bless
   Medline tires, March 18, 2022  By Anonymous (Portland, OR)(Verified)
To the person who said "BEWARE THIS TIRE IS SMALL", that is an understatement. I don't think it is even 19 inches diameter on the inside as stated. I am not sure why it has to be so much smaller than the wheel. We got it on using the cheaper installation tool but it was a struggle for the first one. The second one we put in the sun for a while and it was more easily stretched.

Consider making the tire 2 inches larger. I am sure it will hold the same
   Tire, March 16, 2022  By Wm J James (Delmar, DE)
Tire was what was needed but very hard to install. A bench mounted vice was recommended. That would have helped.
   couldn't install on Drive wheelchair without tool, March 2, 2022  By Anonymous (GA)(Verified)
Broke down and ordered the installer tool - The tool works pretty well if you leave the tires in the sun for a while to soften them up
   OKAY, January 25, 2022  By Linda B (San Francisco, CA)(Verified)
My husband could not install without us having to order your installer tool at an additional cost. but the tires are on and work
   not too expensive to fix perfectly good wheelchair, September 23, 2021  By John B (Los Angeles, CA)(Verified)
I had to order twice because I did not realize I ordered only 1 tire the first time. Why not sell these in pairs? Having said that the tire fit perfectly using your installation tool on our Breezy wheelchair (it does take some force). Hopefully they last longer than the original tires which literally crumbled away. Wheelchair is now like new!
   fixing wheels, June 4, 2021  By Anonymous (Millville, PA)
Great buy. with the help of 2 strong friends my bother was able to stretch the the tire onto the rim . We did it without a tool .YES!

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