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24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design - Angled view shown
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24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design - Angled view shown 24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design - Close-up view of tread pattern 24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design - Back view shown  

24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design

Easier to Install!
Item #: 0082AAC  
This wheelchair tire features a larger uninstalled size with stretchier cords making it easier to install and can be used on Drive, Medine, Invacare, Everest & Jennings (E&J), Breezy, or any other wheelchair rim that calls for a 24 x 1 inch pyramid shaped tire. Sold individually (each). For a pair, please order a quantity of 2.

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24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design

  • Featuring a larger uninstalled size with stretchier inner cords making installation a little easier
  • Designed for many manual wheelchair rims without a valve hole from Drive, Medline, E&J, Invacare, Breezy, etc., using a plastic mag rim
  • Solid urethane construction with smooth pyramid shape
  • Latex free
  • Please read the fitment and installation notes (shown below) prior to purchase!
  • Sold individually (each). For a pair, please order a quantity of 2.
24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design Fitment Notes
Solid wheelchair tires are purposely made smaller than the wheelchair rim so once they are installed, they will not come off. The main complaint most customers have while installing a solid tire is the amount of force needed to stretch it onto a wheelchair rim. Uninstalled, this tire is roughly 21 1/2" in diameter making it the largest uninstalled tire we currently sell with the pyramid design. It also has stretchier cords inside the tire. Being larger uninstalled with the stretchier cords means there is less stretching involved to install the tire onto the wheelchair rim. A solid wheelchair tire installation tool is still required, but the effort needed to turn the wheel on the tool will be much less. This tire can be used on Drive, Medine, Invacare, Everest & Jennings (E&J), Breezy, or any other wheelchair rim that calls for a 24 x 1 inch pyramid shaped tire.

Installation Note – Please Read Before Purchase
Installing these tires onto a wheelchair rim can be very challenging without the proper tools. This is because the tire itself is smaller than the wheelchair rim and needs to be stretched onto the rim. If you do not have the ability or the tools to properly install these tires, it is advisable to seek professional help. You cannot install this tire by hand!  Please note that EnableYourLife.com will only accept returns of undamaged / uninstalled tires.

If you have a properly mounted bench vise, you can purchase a solid tire installation tool which can be found on these pages:
If you have questions about which wheelchair or scooter tire to purchase, how to determine the correct size, or an installation question,visit our buying guide for wheelchair and scooter tires.

24 x 1 in. Urethane Pyramid Wheelchair Tire with Easier to Install Design
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 33 Customer Reviews  
Write a Review
   Easier to Install tires, August 14, 2023  By Anonymous (LAFAYETTE, IN)
After reading all the comments before me, I made the attempt to install these with just cable ties and large screw drivers, a method explicitly discouraged by the seller. But I figured the "Easier to Install" tire would provide a chance to avoid buying the extra installation tool. After about 30 minutes with my wife's help, I was able to get the first tire on. I would not recommend this method for others… unless you have some strength and are careful. I installed these without taking the wheels off the chair.

The seller was very helpful in answering my questions and shipped immediately. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs the products they sell!
   Replacement wheels (hard rubber), July 4, 2023  By Anonymous (Frankton, IN)(Verified)
Be nice to have a tool to put on wheel
   yes it was easier, May 23, 2023  By Kari and Luke (Sacramento, CA)(Verified)
We returned the other small ones we purchased because we were not strong enough to stretch them. I'm sure if we had a better setup in the garage the smaller ones would have worked. We do have a vise but it did move when we turned the wheel. With this tire, the vise still turned but the tire was so much larger, all we had to do was hold the table a bit and the tire went on. Thank you for taking the return on the smaller ones and letting us purchase the larger ones. Hopefully we don't have to replace the tires again.
   Perfect Fit, January 21, 2023  By Anonymous (TX)(Verified)
Perfect fit and super fast delivery.

No matter what, be sure to order the Tire Mounting Tool, otherwise you will NEVER get the tire on the rim.
   Much larger tire!, January 4, 2023  By William (St Petersburg, FL)(Verified)
We purchased some from another company that were much smaller and in no way could fit on our Invacare wheelchair. Those tires were stamped 24 x 1 but were only about 19 or 20 inches in diameter. I think you guys have the same tire here and after reading that page, I can see a mounting tool and vice were required so perhaps they might have worked (I sent them back). I bought these tires along with the mounting tool and was able to install them with no sweat whatsoever. The tires are a different design with the underside broken up with string embedded in the material making it larger before installing so that when I am installing using the tool, it doesn't have very far to go to get on to the wheel. I did have to move the brakes a little forward as these tires are a bit taller. I have no doubt that someone did in fact come up with an easier to install design.
   Tires for wheelchair, December 23, 2022  By Antonio Rodriguez (Corpus Christi, TX)
Great wheelchair tires fast shipping, well package, would recommend to other buyers and would definitely buy again.
   Canadian review, October 14, 2022  By Anonymous (Bourget)(Verified)
October 13, 2022 (Purchased On 09/09/2022)
Mike here
NOTICE: Please do NOT display my Email address. Thank you
Really …, you should include, your ‘neighbours’ to the north of you (CANADA) too!
Anyway, let me FIRST say, your personnel, who take your calls, should be better listeners and try to be better listeners? Please don’t hesitate to ask me why!
Regarding the Easier to install solid tire; YES … absolutely, the BEST! However, I would like to add some advice, if you’d care to ask.

M. Wood
   Installing these is much easier than you think, July 27, 2022  By A Perkins (Miami, FL)(Verified)
The one we bought from Amazon were too small and in no way could be stretched (didn't know you needed a tool at the time) and had to return them. These tires are much larger and way easier. Bought the tool as well. Install is nothing more than clamping the tool in the vise, put the wheel on the tool, wrap the tire around one of the pegs and turn the wheel! It still takes some force but each wheel took less than 30 seconds. In fact removing the wheel from the wheelchair took much longer. Our cheapo Drive wheelchair is now like new. Very satisfied!
   wheelchair tires, July 4, 2022  By reyes franco (gilbert)
great product fast service. little hiccup taken care of quickly. very satisfied.
   Wheelchair Tire Works, June 16, 2022  By Anonymous (Hagatna)(Verified)
I previously ordered a set of Pyramid Tires that were of a low profile type (those tires don't work on Drive wheelchairs that also convert into an aisle chair). Enable Your Life customer service helped me out by informing me of these tires as a possible solution after I had contacted them and told them of my dilemma with the other tires I had ordered. These tires were of the correct height and were easy to install. Thank you Enable Your Life for helping me get this wheelchair going again.
   wheelchair, June 10, 2022  By Albert Rackett (Oklahoma City, OK)
I purchased 2 "easy to install" wheelchair tires. I received tires with the instruction "may not be manually installed, requires special tools." Are they "easy to install" for the shop where I'll pay to iinstall them?
   Excellent urethane Tire, June 8, 2022  By Anonymous (Racine, WI)(Verified)
I needed to bring the wheelchair to our local Trek dealer to have it installed, and it appears to be just fine. I am so impressed with the wonderful service your company provided! The tire arrived on our doorstep in about two days, and it was exactly what we ordered. Thank you for your quick delivery, excellent product, and clear directions. Bravo! I wish everything worked like this. ??
   24x1 easy install design, May 31, 2022  By Anonymous (Leesburg, FL)
The tires install easy soak tires in 5gal pail with hot water used heavy duty installer with 6 " vise and long black wire ties as you turn wheel roll tire bead into channel of rim. Install took 15 minutes. for one tire.
   Installing the tire - no bigee., May 27, 2022  By "Flet Tar" Merle Grall (Leander, TX)
I bought the "bigger" one that is stated to be 21.5 " uninstalled. Read all the dire warnings of how impossible this is to install without high level professional technical training, a special tire installation tool and protection from forces beyond our spatial dimension provided by a force of armed star troopers. However, I did not earn the name "Flet Tar" simply from the song by Pure Prairie League about that "other" Bakersfield Okie of greater fame. Doesn't appear I can add my pics of the process here, but I can tell you I did it without removing the wheels from the chair (Everest and Jennings Traveller HD) using 2 small tire spoons (motorcycle / bicycle size), some ty wraps, large pliers, large screwdriver, and some windex . Time involved to do each, 18 minutes and that is before the deducting 2 minutes that it took me to go back in the house and get my wife's medicine for her. So about 16 minutes per tire. Happy to go into details with pics if requested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9dZx_hafGI
   Works to replace tire on Breezy wheelchair, May 25, 2022  By Anonymous (Sunnyvale, CA)
Worked as advertised. I bought the economy installation tool and heated the tire in hot water before installing it with 3 tie wraps. It took a little muscle at the end but no cursing or anything like that. The rubber sections on the inner radius actually helped hold it in place with each turn.

A sales suggestion: you should rent out the installation tool for $10 with a credit that th user gets back when the tool is returned in good condition in 7 days. It would drive more sales of tires and still make money on the rental.
   John Angelo, May 17, 2022  By John J Angelo (Flushing, OH)(Verified)
Seems like a good product so far, easy to install and good price.
   Great Company, Super Service, May 7, 2022  By Robert (Riverside, CA)
Purchased replacement tires for my Wheelchair on a Friday, they were shipped on Saturday and I received them on Monday.

Nice product, takes a bit of patience to install, but if you purchase the installation tool it should ease the task. I made my own tool, but I have a pretty extensive background in mechanical fabrication and repair. Do yourself a favor, buy the tool at the time you buy the tires, you will still be bucks ahead and have the tool for future use or as a loaner to other wheelchair users.

This is a good company.
   wheel chair tire, April 30, 2022  By Anonymous (PORT CHARLOTTE, FL)(Verified)
the tires work great. much easier to put on. the other tires were impossibe to put without bending the wheel. thank-you for having this product.
   Tire review, March 17, 2022  By Anonymous (Baton Rouge, LA)
Tire fit perfectly
   Bought the tool and 2 tires, March 4, 2022  By Kenneth (Plano, TX)
Be sure you are strong enough to turn thr tire on the tool. I got it done but at 79 + it was hard for me. I realized that I am not as strong as I was 40 years ago. I live in a senior apartment with my wife and did not have a vise or work bench so I mounted the tool on a 2#8 I had in the garage and got down on the floor on the board to turn the wheel. Had to use another trick to help get it on. Everything worked good and the service was great. Fast delivery and no problem with products.
   N.C.Morris, March 2, 2022  By Anonymous (Morganton, NC)
haven,t had them installed yet, hope the wheelchair place in Hickory N.C. can install them. The product looks good, and hopefully get to use them soon.
   Easier to install wheelchair tires, February 15, 2022  By Frank Hollis (Lees Summit, MO)(Verified)
Well to start with the standard replacement tires are ridiculous to try to install. There is no good logical reason to make them so small (3-4 inches undersize). They will not stretch because of the cord inside. A friend of mine and myself tried for 2 hours to install one. I made a install fixture copied from the one online, heated the tire and lubed both wheel and tire. We put so much pressure on the tire that we bent the wheel a little. Ordered 2 of the Easier To Install tires and installed them by myself in less than 30 mins and they are plenty tight on the wheel.
   Worth the Few Extra Dollars - installed with Zip Ties and Screw Drivers, April 25, 2021  By Anonymous (Mechanicsburg, PA)
We are very happy with these replacement tires. We were able to do this job with ease (2 people) with zip ties and 2 long rounded screw drivers. We watched videos on You Tube and were expecting a great struggle, but with the "Easier to Install" design, we were able to complete the job quite easily. Definitely recommend for the do it your-selfers. The quality of the tires are great and chair is riding smoothly once again.
   This is the 24” x 1” perfect replacement wheelchair tire you want!, April 18, 2021  By Doug (RICHMOND, TX)(Verified)
After buying & returning the recommended 20” tire (made to stretch to fit a 24” rim) from another med supply company, this oversized, easy to install tire, was exactly that! Easy to install, with a little muscle and the vise install tool. I’m happy I’ve finally have some good rubber now and my brakes will hold. I highly recommend this tire. I put the on a Drive Cruiser III wheelchair. Glad I found them @ EnableYourLife! Thank you so much! My long drawn out search is over.
   Good Replacement Tires. Installations comments, December 6, 2020  By Jake Jacobs (Waterford, MI)
Purchased the Oversized tires. Glad I did. As most men over 70 I "Knew I Could Install ,- WITHOUT EXPENSIVE INSTALL TOOL"
Well after about a hour I was ready to buy the tool, But I read ALL THE REVIEWS.
Hats off to the "young Lady" who mentions " Soaking in Hot Water".
I did that in the laundry tub for about a half hour. Very hot water.
I had also purchased a Tire Spoon Kit # X001B2RLTF off Amazon for about $20.00. 3 H D 14.5 in spoons.
Anyway once the tires were warm I proceeded. Needed two tie wraps, used brake as a third point.
Once you get the tire started you prey from below and work your way around. Agree it would be better with two people.
Anyway It can be done and I thank the "Young Lady " for her comments

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