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8 in. Chrome Steel Wheelchair Caster Fork - Invacare Type - pr
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8 in. Chrome Steel Wheelchair Caster Fork - Invacare Type - pr

Item #: CF035  
The 8 in. Invacare Type Chrome Steel Wheelchair Caster Fork features a design that fits many Invacare brand wheelchairs
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8 in. Chrome Steel Wheelchair Caster Fork - Invacare Type - pr

  • 2 3/8" width between the forks
  • Accommodates 7/16" axle size and up to a 8 x 1 3/4" caster wheel
  • Welded on stem bolt is 2 1/2" x 1/2" and includes lock nut
  • Known to fit many Invacare manual wheelchairs or others that match the measurements below
  • Sold by the pair
8 in. Chrome Steel Wheelchair Caster Fork - Invacare Type, Dimension Guide

8 in. Chrome Steel Wheelchair Caster Fork Dimensions
A few words about wheelchair caster forks and wheelchair caster stem bolts
Wheelchair caster wheels are mounted to a caster fork assembly. A caster fork assembly consists of the fork itself, the caster stem bolt (the long bolt coming up from the top of the fork), caster stem bearings, and sometimes a spacer or spacers. The caster fork assembly attaches to the wheelchair by inserting the caster stem bolt into the caster stem housing though the bearings and spacer (if you have spacers). The stem bolt is secured with a nut at the top of the housing. Having a bent stem bolt or caster fork can cause all kinds of problems and make the wheelchair much harder to maneuver, not to mention pose a safety risk for the user. If the caster stem bolt isn't at 90 degrees to the ground, it’s time to replace it. Also carefully check the fork itself for damage. When replacing a stem bolt, its best to install new caster stem bearings.

If the caster fork is bent, you'll need to replace the whole assembly. Our caster forks come with the caster stem bolts already attached to make it easier. Just add a new set of bearings and you're good to go. Be sure to keep your spacer(s) if you have them for later re installation.
8 in. Chrome Steel Wheelchair Caster Fork - Invacare Type - pr
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