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Category: Aids for Daily Living

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Around the House

Dressing Aids

For the Kitchen

Hand Aids

General purpose items
to help in many
areas of the home
Shoe horns, dressing
sticks, sock aids and
other items to help
Utensils, foot stools, jar openers, plus
other handy items
Reading, writing,
typing, and general
aids for the hand

Personal Hygiene

Reaching Aids

Products that
help with
daily hygiene
Reaching aids in
several styles
and lengths

About Aids for Daily Living

Aids for daily living represents a collection of products that perhaps can have the most impact on your life and your condition. These items can help with the simplest of daily tasks from extending your reach to pick up something, putting on your socks, or simply opening a jar. Best of all, these products represent an excellent value and can help you maintain your independence.

Around the House
Dressing Aids
For the Kitchen
Hand Aids
Personal Hygiene
Reaching Aids


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