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Simple Steps to Maintaining a Manual Wheelchair
Posted 8/14/11
Running a business that sells wheelchair parts, I often get asked questions on wheelchair maintenance – from changing tires, bearings, and upholstery, to caster forks and casters. Many times the questions come from people with chairs that are not very old. We love the questions and enjoy helping people fix whatever problem they may be having with their wheelchair. So much so we have written numerous buying guides for parts that include tips, tricks and instructions for many of the parts categories we sell. Some even include how-to videos. Read more

The Reacher - An Indispensable Tool
Posted 4/20/11
When you have a temporary or permanent disability and are unable to bend low or reach high, everyday life can be a challenge. I’m no longer able to bend my hips because of arthritis. Recently while I was doing some cleaning around the house, I was reminded of how much I appreciate the reacher as an everyday tool. In fact, I have a reacher in every room of the house, plus one I keep in my car. Using a reacher has become second nature with me and it is easy to forget what an amazing invention it is. Read more

Choosing Between a Walker and a Rollator
Posted 2/15/11
Why write about walkers and rollators you ask? I thought it would be a good article since our company gets asked sometimes which one is better. The better one depends on what your condition is and what your needs are. One thing is for sure: both can help you regain a little more freedom! Read more

A Few Words About Bathroom Safety
Posted 1/12/11
Bathroom safety is important for everyone, but it is especially important for someone with any type of permanent or temporary disability. If you think about it, the bathroom can present many dangers with sharp edges, slippery floors, limited spaces, etc. A large part of your independence rests on being able to use the bathroom in a safe way. Read More

Volunteering - A Win-Win for You and Your Community
Posted 10/20/10
Question: What activity can you take on that doesn’t cost anything, improves your health, gives you a feeling of empowerment, helps your community and has the potential to find cures for diseases? Answer: Volunteering. Read more

Safety Tips for Your Wheelchair or Scooter
Posted 8/19/10
Wheelchairs and scooters are great devices for staying mobile and leading an independent life. But across the U.S. there are thousands of injuries each year related to wheelchairs or scooters. Most of these injuries are caused by tips and falls, but other factors also contribute to these injuries, including uneven terrain or lack of appropriate home modifications, lack of proper equipment such as seatbelts/restraints and anti-tip devices, and inadequate maintenance of wheelchairs/scooters. Read more

5 Key Strategies for Coping with Arthritis Pain
Posted 7/24/10
Just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so is pain. When it comes to arthritis, pain is a part of everyday life, but it’s also different for each person. How someone with arthritis copes with that pain can make the difference between an active, happy life, and one filled with dread at the thought of getting up out of bed in the morning. Read more