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Wheelchair Chest Strap (Therafin TheraFit Padded)  - 1 buckle model shown in use
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Wheelchair Chest Strap (Therafin TheraFit Padded) - 1 buckle model shown in use Wheelchair Chest Strap (Therafin TheraFit Padded) - 2 buckle model shown Wheelchair Chest Strap (Therafin TheraFit Padded) - Close-up of pinch buckle and covering  
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Padded Wheelchair Chest Strap (Therafin Therafit)

Item #: 60110  
The Therafin TheraFit Padded Wheelchair Chest Strap is designed to keep the wheelchair user in an upright position and features easy to use buckles.
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Padded Wheelchair Chest Strap (Therafin Therafit)

  • The center section of this chest strap for wheelchair users is made from a durable thick neoprene material that is stretchable for comfort and is latex free
  • Straps are made from nylon webbing and are adjustable for a precise fit
  • Choose from either one or two buckle release. Each buckle features a covering that helps prevent skin irritation or skin breakdown by keeping the buckle away from the skin
  • The Therafin chest strap attaches securely to the wheelchair with supplied hardware (2 metal clips and 2 three bar slides)
  • Choose from 3 sizes when ordering in either buckle style
  • Sold as each

Choosing the Right Wheelchair Chest Strap

The overall length is the determining factor for most people in choosing the right size wheelchair chest strap. Have the user sit in their wheelchair or scooter and using a tailor's tape measure, measure around the chest area to the expected mounting points on the seat back. Using the charts below, select the proper size. It's OK to have the straps be a little longer, especially if you plan to wrap the strap around the frame (as shown below). The slack can be taken up when adjusting the straps.
Single Buckle*
Padded Area
Overall Length
60113 - Small
3 x 16"
60114 - Medium
4 x 20"
60115 - Large
4 x 24"
*1 Buckle with Adjustable Strap and 1 Sewn Strap. The plastic side release buckle is covered. This option works well if you are concerned about losing a strap since both sides are permanently attached to the wheelchair.
Double Buckle*
Padded Area
Overall Length
60110 - Small
3 x 16"
60111 - Medium
4 x 20"
60112 - Large
4 x 24"
*2 Buckles with Adjustable Straps. The plastic side release buckles are covered.
Wheelchair Chest Strap lengths shown above are taken from end to end, fully extended, without attaching hardware.

Therafin Therafit Padded Wheelchair Chest Strap Installation

This wheelchair chest strap can can be installed on a variety of wheelchairs and scooters both with sling back and hard back seats. Pictured below are the included installation options. It is a good idea to sit the user in the wheelchair or scooter first and dry fit the chest strap before permanently installing to ensure a comfortable fit and to avoid any safety issues.

The plastic three bar slide allows
you to wrap the strap around
the wheelchair frame and secure
the end with the three bar slide
Metal clip is attached to the
wheelchair or scooter frame with
a screw (not supplied) and the
strap wraps through the
metal slats as shown
Both metal clip and three bar
slide used together. Metal
clip is attached with a screw
(not supplied) to the
wheelchair or scooter frame
and tension is managed with
the three bar slide

About Therafin Corporation
Therafin Corporation is a leading manufacturer of wheelchair positioning products that convey dignity and respect. They have a strong focus on designing solutions that keep the wheelchair user secure at various angles and in a proper upright position.
Important Safety Notice
This padded wheelchair chest strap is not a safety device. It is to be used only for positioning. It must be used in conjunction with a seat belt. NEVER use this harness as a restraint in a motor vehicle. Use in conjunction with an approved automotive restraint.
Therafin TheraFit Padded Wheelchair Chest Strap
60110, 60111, 60112, 60113, 60114, 60115
Rolyn Prest, Patterson Medical, Sammons Preston Part Numbers (single buckle):
081543495, 081543503, 081543511
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