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Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness
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Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness - Installed Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness - Detail Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness - With User  
Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness
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Item#:  SB330
Retail Price:  US $35.99
Our Price:  US $25.79
You Save:  US $10.20 (28%)
The Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness was designed to help secure the user to the wheelchair and promote proper posture while seated. Available in 3 sizes.


Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness

  • Helps secure the wheelchair user and helps improve posture while seated
  • Mounts to your wheelchair with 4 adjustable 1" nylon webbing straps (straps have reinforced eyelets at the end for added strength)
  • The adjustable straps make it easy to get a good fit
  • 5 pinch buckles makes getting in and out of the harness easier
  • Works for both male and female patients
  • 3 sizes available - see below and choose when ordering
  • Sold as each
Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness Sizing Guide (Because installations vary, this guide is approximate):
Chest Size
30-38 in.
36-42 in.
42-48 in.

To measure your chest, raise your arms and run the measuring tape around your chest, making sure to cross over the shoulder blades and over the fullest part of the chest. Female users should measure over the breast area.
Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness Installation Instructions:*
  • Sit the user down in the chair and dry fit the harness to see which holes will work best (make sure the center pinch buckle is facing outward).
  • Remove user from chair.
  • Remove the top screw holding the seat back fabric and insert the strap (the one with one eyelet) eyelet between the fabric and the seat back cane, then reinsert the screw and tighten as before.
  • Remove the bottom screw and insert the strap eyelet (use the one decided on during the dry fit process) and tighten as before.
  • Repeat the other side.
  • Return the user to the chair and secure the user. You will need to adjust all 4 straps initially which can take some time for a comfortable fit.
* This wheelchair butterfly chest harness harness works best with a wheelchair back attached with screws (pictured above). If your seat back does not have screws in the locations you desire, you may have to drill new holes (both into the seat cane and through the fabric). Modifying your chair with new holes should only be done by a qualified professional and may void its warranty. This harness works best with the type of seat back pictured above, however some customers have reported success mounting to a captain's style seat (such as a Jazzy or Scooter type chair).

Important Safety Notice
This wheelchair harness is not a safety device. It is to be used only for positioning. It must be used in conjunction with a seat belt. NEVER use this harness as a restraint in a motor vehicle. Use in conjunction with an approved automotive restraint.
Wheelchair Butterfly Chest Harness
SB330,  SB333, SB335

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