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Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool
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Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool Economy Solid Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool - Included pegs shown Economy Solid Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool - Side view shown  

Economy Solid Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool

Item #: M040E  
The Economy Solid Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool features a simple design that clamps into a bench vise and allows you to install solid wheelchair tires onto most wheelchair rims.
Regular Price$29.99
You Save:$5.00 (17%)

Economy Solid Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool

  • Clamps in a solidly mounted bench vise and works for a variety solid urethane wheelchair tires
  • For use with 22" to 26" tires
  • Included pegs are 7/16", and 5/8" (the 7/16" peg is used for 7/16", 1/2", and 12 mm inner diameter bearings). The 5/8" peg is used for stretching the tire.
  • Made from steel pegs and heavy gauge square tubing
  • Solidly mounted bench vise required to use this tool
  • Sold individually (each)
Most solid wheelchair tires are made smaller than the rim they fit and require a substantial amount of stretching to install. With this tool you can mount the wheel and tire onto the tool and as you turn the wheel the large steel peg will stretch the tire onto the rim. It makes quick work of installing solid wheelchair tires of all types onto most wheelchair rims.

Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool Instructions

Video showing the Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool in use

Please Note
Your bench vise has to be mounted securely to a solid surface (such as a work bench). The work bench (or other surface) itself must be securely fastened to the floor or wall. Remember, you will be using a great deal of force to stretch the tire onto the rim and using an unsecured work surface could pose a danger. ANY MOVEMENT OF YOUR VISE OR WORKBENCH NEGATES THE FORCE YOU ARE PUTTING ON THE TIRE WHILE STRETCHING AND AS A RESULT IT WILL NOT WORK!

Economy Solid Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool
AC072000, EYLM040E
 Average Rating:  4 Star Rating
 based on 47 Customer Reviews  
Write a Review
   Wheelchair tire install tool, September 21, 2023  By Anonymous (GA)
This tool works as intended.
   Tire Tool, August 22, 2023  By Anonymous (Redmond, WA)
The tire installation tool will work well. The 2nd tire went much more smoothly than the first tirea little experience helped a lot. The instructions and the instruction videos could put more emphasis on the importance of tire seating into the the wheel rim, to reduce the need for stretching. I did use the number of heavy duty zip ties to keep the tire in place while rotating. Putting spacers on the tool pegs only raises the wheel up on that peg therefore putting access stress on the tool and as one video showed that tool bent. This can be avoided by having the wheel directly on to the horizontal bar. It worked and it's a good solution for people with a vice and basic mechanical skills. A couple of bicycle shops had agreed to take a look at the wheel and tire but they didn't really know about this installation tool and probably wouldn't have been able to do the job.
   My fault?, August 12, 2023  By Anonymous (Seymour, TN)(Verified)
I didn't watch the video before ordering so wasn't aware of the need for a vice to use the tool. My Caregiver and I took the chair to a local bike shop. They put the tires on while we waited and charged me $10.-.
   Wheelchair tire install tool...does the job it is supposed to, August 8, 2023  By Anonymous (Washington Crossing, PA)
Used this to install new tires on my elderly mother's chair. Worked perfectly but be sure you have it installed/secured to a surface that won't move as it takes a fair bit of effort to both hold the tire and rotate the wheel on the tool. For me that mean a workbench that was bolted the wall and a vise bolted to the bench.
   Good tool for the price, July 18, 2023  By David J (Seattle, WA)(Verified)
Before buying this tool, I was not able to install the tires on an old medline wheel chair. Once the tool came I had the tires on in 15 minutes. As a contractor we have a saying, the tool does the job, not the person. Very true in this case
   Needed, but worth it, July 5, 2023  By Rory (Chico, CA)(Verified)
Old wheelchair tires, severely cracked, needed to be replaced. Made sure that I was ordering the right tires. Then watched a video using this mounting tool and ordered it also. Worked as advertised. Stretched tire to fit on wheel. It was needed, but worth it.
   Absolutely Necessary!, June 26, 2023  By Melvin (THE VILLAGES, FL)(Verified)
Not a very well made tool but it does the job. The only way you can put those small tires on a Medline wheelchair is with this tool. Clear instructions come with it. Pleasant purchase experience as well - shipped the day I ordered them with the tires / tool arriving in 4 days. Great work
   Helpful, May 5, 2023  By Anonymous (altamonte springs, FL)(Verified)
I use spinnergy rims and this tool makes it easier to put solid urethane tires on for my caregivers
   Wheelchair tire installation tool, April 29, 2023  By Anonymous (dade city, FL)
I love the product idea but I am having trouble turning it to put the tire on the rim.

Thank you for all you do.

   Used for wheel chair tires, April 18, 2023  By Teresa Davis (Oakland City, IN)(Verified)
Has the tires on in minutes. Thank you
   It works, March 30, 2023  By ROBERT (Fort Myers, FL)(Verified)
Ii struggled to install tires I bought for two weeks and finally relented and purchased this tool. It's amazing to me that something so simple did the job. Don't purchase unless you have a vise (luckily my neighbor had one). Not the best quality tool but you absolutely need it!
   Didn't work, March 25, 2023  By Anonymous (Davie, FL)
Try as I might I couldn't come close to getting it on. If I could get a refund I sure would appreciate it.thank you
   Had to wait!, March 7, 2023  By J Hicks (Jacksonville, FL)(Verified)
no one had these in stock for the longest time but finally able to buy. Instructions were clear. I did leave the tires out in the sun for an hour to soften them up (a tip I saw from a review on amazon where I bought the tires). Received the tool in two days from California.

Thank you!
   Worth every penny, November 13, 2022  By Anonymous (Warner Robins, GA)
I've been installing motorcycle tires without tools for decades. Lucky for me, I did some research about wheelchair tires before trying to install mine. Urethane tires are totally different than pneumatic tires. I got my tire installation tool in about 3 days, read the supplied instructions and most helpful, watched the video. I'm a senior, in good condition, but still old. The 1st tire went on with only a good bit of effort required. The 2nd tire was a lot harder because I'd used up my strength reserves. The tool works well, it did not slip in my 5" jaw vise, and soapy water sprayed on everything helped a lot. Once tire is on the rim and removed from the tool, bouncing it on the floor many times gets it completely seated evenly in the rim. It was worth every cent of the price, and shipping was reasonable. Thank you
   Useful tool if guides added, November 6, 2022  By Jesse Blancas (Pasadena, TX)
First of all; Could I have mounted the wheelchair tires without an installation tool? Absolutely not! I bought this economy installation tool because this was going to be used once. I'm fixing up my mom's wheelchair. I don't have a wheelchair repair shop. I'm rather handy and have an above average amount of tools that I own. I watched several tire installation videos before the install. I set up the tool in my vise and began. I quickly found that it was very difficult to keep the tire in the rim channel when turning. After using several different methods to keep the tire seated I found the best way was to use two tie wraps. I placed them between the spokes, side by side to initially secure the tire to the rim channel. As I turned the rim and the tire moved into the channel, I used one tie wrap between the rest of the spokes to keep the tire seated. I quickly found that as I turned the rim with a lot of effort, the tool base began to bow slightly allowing the spindles to tip towards each other. This would allow the rim hub to slide up and out from the spindle. The tire would also rise on its spindle. My solution was to place a large fender washer over the rim hub and secure it with a pair of vise grip locking pliers. Then I did the same for the spindle that stretches the tire. After solving those issues, I found that I unfortunately did not have the strength to turn the rim enough to complete the tire seating. I had to get my wife to help me turn the rim the rest of the way. As the rim turned and seated the tire, I began to cut off the tie wraps as they got closer to the stretcher spindle. I removed the wheel from the tool as per the videos and used a rubber mallet to finish seating the tire into the rim channel evenly. The first tire mounting took me about 45 minutes. The second one, with my additions and learned mounting technique took about 5 minutes. The tool and the videos are unquestionably necessary but both need tweaking to be useful. To improve the tool, I suggest to add retaining washers to each spindle and reinforce the spindle base. The base bent at one of the spindle mounting holes which allowed the spindles to tip towards each other. This tool is sold as an "Economy" tool but with these additions, it could perhaps be useful out of the box.
   Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool;, October 14, 2022  By Anonymous (Bourget)(Verified)
October 13, 2022 (Purchased On 09/09/2022)
Mike here
NOTICE: Please do NOT display my Email address. Thank you
Really …, you should include, your ‘neighbours’ to the north of you (CANADA) too!
Anyway, let me FIRST say, your personnel, who take your calls, should be better listeners and try to be better listeners? Please don’t hesitate to ask me why!
Regarding the Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool; YES … absolutely, the BEST! However, I would like to add some advice, if you’d care to ask.

M. Wood
   Instalation tool, September 4, 2022  By Anonymous (Granite Shoals, TX)(Verified)
Made of good quality heavy materials and works exactly as described. It is a must for tire instalation!
   Wheelchair tire replacement tool, June 30, 2022  By Leonard Thomas (Duluth, GA)(Verified)
When ordering replacement urethane wheelchair tires, I also ordered this wheelchair tire replacement tool in the same shipment. The tool worked great and enabled me to perform the tire replacement myself. It took some muscle, but without the tool, it would not have been possible. Enable Your Life shipped the tires and the tool the same day I placed the order and the shipment arrived two days later. Thanks for the prompt support.
   Needed this!, June 15, 2022  By Anonymous (MA)
I purchased new wheelchair tires for my mothera wheelchair. Tried to get them on with a lever and zip ties. No matter what i did, it wasn’t stretching enough. With this tool, and a well anchored vice, some soapy water, and a little elbow grease, the tire went around rim. Absolutely needed it.
   IT WORKS, June 12, 2022  By Anonymous (NASHVILLE, TN)(Verified)
   Got the job done., June 12, 2022  By Anonymous (Elgin)
Got the job done.
   Tool worked great!, May 7, 2022  By Ron Boyer (camarillo, CA)
Needed tool install 2 new tires, so needed the tool. Worked great, but a lot of muscle was needed. Fortunately, my neighbor helped.
   Tire install tool, March 17, 2022  By Anonymous (Baton Rouge, LA)
It’s a must have item
   Tire Install Tool, March 16, 2022  By Anonymous (Delmar, DE)
I bought the economy model. It did the job, however if I were going to install many tires I would get the better model.

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