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Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool

Item #: M040E  
The Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool features a simple design that mounts into a bench vise and allows you to install solid wheelchair tires onto most wheelchair rims.
Regular Price$29.99
You Save:$7.50 (25%)

Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool

  • Mounts in a bench vise and works for a variety of tires including solid urethane tires
  • For use with 22" to 26" tires
  • Included pegs are 7/16", and 5/8" (the 7/16" peg is used for 7/16", 1/2", and 12 mm inner diameter bearings). The 5/8" peg is used for stretching the tire.
  • Made from steel pegs and heavy gauge square tubing
  • Sold individually (each)
Most solid wheelchair tires are made smaller than the rim they fit and require a substantial amount of stretching to install. With this tool you can mount the wheel and tire onto the tool and as you turn the wheel the large steel peg will stretch the tire onto the rim. It makes quick work of installing solid wheelchair tires of all types onto most wheelchair rims.

Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool Instructions

Video showing the Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool in use

Please Note
Your bench vise has to be mounted securely to a solid surface (such as a work bench). The work bench (or other surface) itself must be securely fastened to the floor or wall. Remember, you will be using a great deal of force to stretch the tire onto the rim and using an unsecured work surface could pose a danger.

Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool
AC072000, EYLM040E
 Average Rating:  3.5 Star Rating
 based on 20 Customer Reviews  
Write a Review
   Works just great., November 19, 2019  By Anonymous (CENTRAL ISLIP, NY)(Verified)
Worked perfectly. Definitely read the instructions but it's pretty simple. Easy enough just requires warming the tire, zip-ties, vice and some force. Definitely better then attempting to just pry the tire on.
   Heat the tire first, October 9, 2019  By Anonymous (Silver City, NM)
For the extra small solid tires, (the cheapest ones) heat them in boiling water first. It will make installation much much easier.
   Works good, October 2, 2019  By Anonymous (Casco, ME)
This worked well to install the Medline 24 pyramid style tires I purchased. I bought the newer, larger ones that are $5.00 more each. I had priced the replacements at $150.00 per wheel so the $70.00 purchase, including the tool, seems like a bargain to me. I am sure you could use some other tools to make the installation but I appreciated this pre made tool and it was worth every penny of the $22.49! It literally took me 20 minutes to install the first one (learning curve) and 5 for the second one.I soaked the tires in hot water for 20 minutes before installing which I am sure helped them stretch. The nice thing is there was no damage to the composite wheels utilizing this tool. A++++ in my book
   A Necessary Evil, September 1, 2019  By Anonymous (Wilmington, DE)
Don''t expect it to be as easy as in the video. Like others I questioned whether I got the correct tire it looked too small. My first attempt failed miserably. Two tricks I used.

1) I heated the tires in a toaster oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes to help them stretch

2) Liberal use of zip ties to keep the tire from jumping off during installation.

My main gripe is that the tool does not hold down easily in a vice. It really needs a welded flange to help it. Yes it''s simple and if you have spare steel laying around and want to drill holes in it you can make one. I would NOT make this out of wood as I can''t imagine it holding up to the stress.

I cannot imagine installing the tires without this type of tool.
   This Job is a Class A Knuckle Buster!!!, August 6, 2019  By Anonymous (San Antonio, TX)
A lot to like about this website. Rapid order fulfillment and shipping. Prices are fair. Videos are a big help. I''m an active, healthy 74 years old but I found this job to be quite a struggle to install two 24X1-⅜ tires. Got em on, but if I had to do it again I''d get a professional to do it. The economy tool is no bargain. The baseplate isn''t strong enough to maintain proper alignment as you stretch the new tire. I used large, heavy duty washers under the post nuts to spread out the load but the baseplate bar still ended up being crushed and deformed. Get the tires, forget this tool!
   tire replacement isn''t that easy!, July 27, 2019  By Bruce Whitcher (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Only experienced, extremely cheap and very stubborn individuals should attempt this repair! First, ask yourself if this is worth it because a whole new chair is just over 100.00 and the tool plus 2 tires, tax and shipping was about 80.00. Next, the mandrels that come with the tool may not match your axle size so be prepared to improvise. Better have some extra hardware around. I bought the corded tires because that is what was on the chair, and I think these a tougher to install. Use a really sturdy vise and clamp the tire on the rim with Vice-grips to get it started. Use the middle size mandrel under the tire, the small one will bend plus it digs in. Use lubrication! You will need to extra leverage to turn the tire unless you are pretty strong and for this you''ll need to improvise. I used a 1/2 in breaker bar with a BMW fan clutch tool and that worked pretty well. I am used to changing dirt bike tires out on a trail and this was still a tough job.
   Yes it works, February 12, 2019  By Rob (Boise, ID)
I don''t know what that last guy is saying but this tool works just like it says it will!
   Not as easy as tool video implies, July 11, 2018  By Steve E.  (Baton Rouge, LA)
If you are installing a U2222C 24”x1” tire using this tool you will most likely have the same problem I had with the base channel steel of this tool bending down and allowing the new tire to slip off due to the extreme force required to stretch the rubber sufficiently to complete the installation. I noticed that on a YouTube video featuring the M040E tool that the installer had the same problem and had to keep bending the base plate back to level in order to finish the installation. After my tool bent, I decided to make my own jig base using a 14” long piece of 1/16” x 1.5” angle iron and drilling two holes in it to accept the two bolt posts required for the tool to work. Since I already had the angle iron it only took about 45 minutes to make the tool with a reliable base that would not bend. As others have noted, make sure you have a good vise (5” jaws work ok) and it is mounted to a solid and heavy table. If the table moves, you will have to start over. Also, you may want to eat a bowl of Wheaties before starting. Other tips: use tie-raps about every 10 inches; use spacers to raise the wheel up off the base about 1” in order to keep the hand rail wheel from getting scratched up.
Note: I have recommended to EnableYourLife to talk to this tool maker to replace the base channel with a piece of 1.5” angle iron. This would cost a bit more for shipping since heavier, but would result in a better consumer product.
   Simple tool that works, June 17, 2018  By Jack S (Portland, OR)
The first wheel took several tries. I realized the work bench wasn''t as secure as I thought. The force you use to turn the wheel is wasted if your bench moves even slightly. Zip ties are handy as well both at the start (to hold the tire on the wheel) and at the point where the tire has no more slack. Also I had the hand grip facing up (it is facing down in the video). After figuring everything out, the second tire went on fairly quick.
   As the saying goes, it’s the tools that do the job, March 29, 2018  By Dennis J Garcia (Dallas, TX)
I was skeptical at first because the tire we purchased (elsewhere) was ridiculously smaller than the wheel and I could not imagine any tool that would stretch the tire that much. Followed the instructions and the tire went on. The last bit (with no more slack) was tough but with an extra pair of hands we powered the tire on. If you are buying flat free tire for a wheelchair, this is really the only way I can see a putting it on the wheel.

I would have rated 5 stars but it seems like this tool isn’t built for the long haul. In fact it looks like a local metal fabricator made it (not a criticism) but at least the price was reasonable
   Works great, November 22, 2017  By Anonymous (Philadelphia)
I purchased tires from another site only to find we needed a tool to install them. Now I see the same Shox tire here for less money. The tires took over a week to get here from California yet the tool I purchased here took two days also from California. You now have my business. Thank you!
   Thank you, September 15, 2017  By Helen M (Montclair, NJ)
Thank you for taking the time to help us. My Husband is thrilled we were able to install the tires we purchased elsewhere without paying an arm and a leg to have them installed.
   You need to be strong, August 18, 2017  By Anonymous 
The video and the instructions make it look so easy but you should point out that a STRONG person is needed to turn the wheel. Only after getting my neighbor to help we got the tires on!
   Good deal, July 27, 2017  By Peter K 
We were able to mount the tires with little drama. You have to clamp it real tight so the tool doesn''t move and apply downward pressure on the wheel as you turn because the wheel seems to want to come up. If I could make a suggestion, make the square wider to better fit within the claws of the vice. The local medical shop wanted a hundred bucks to install the tires (which included the tires) so this is definitely the way to go (spent less than $60)
   good tool, May 30, 2017  By Anonymous (Rensselaer, IN)
A good tool. It would not be difficult to build one but for the price I don''t think it is economical to build. I call it economical. The tool is a reasonably safe way to install wheel chair tires. It does take considerable strength. I set my tires in the sun a few minutes to make sure they were warm. (it helps, really) Follow the instructions and be sure to watch the video. Remember that the man in the video has changed lots of tires and is quite good at it. Your first time will doubtless not look so smooth. A couple of well placed zip ties take away a lot of the frustration.
   excellent, May 17, 2017  By benjamin (UT)
after watching a video of some guy installing a tire using a hand brake (which i couldnt get to work) i purchased this tool. glad i did!!!
   easy to use, May 2, 2017  By Dave N (Charlotte, NC)
I cannot believe how easy it is to install a tire with this thing. My only gripe is that the web page we purchased the tires from did not say this tool is required to install a solid tire. I would not have had to order a second time and saved the 10 dollar shipping fee.
   Expensive but works, January 16, 2017  By Chester B (KISSIMMEE, FL)
Square tubing and 3 pegs for $32 seems awful pricey. Having said that it works as advertised
   Worked, December 9, 2016  By Martin G (San Francisco, CA)
My dad put shox tires on my Spinergys no problem
   Economy Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool, October 29, 2016  By Anonymous (Fernandina Beach, FL)
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It worked but it was a struggle. I don''t think I could have seated the solid tire without it (or something similar that I could make). I guarantee that the instructional video used a stretched tire or one slightly larger than the fit of my 24 inch tire on a Invacare Tracer 2. If I had it to do over I would just drill holes through a 2x4 and put bolts through the holes. It would be much easier to clamp that in my vise than the flimsy piece of metal this uses.

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