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Wheelchair Parts

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Over a thousand wheelchair parts and accessories for many types of wheelchairs at
discount prices in stock for immediate shipment!


Amputee Support


Armrest & Calf Pads

A wide variety of
accessories and
safety items
Amputee stump
supports and
Large selection of
anti-tippers to fit
most wheelchairs
Armrests in full or desk
length sizes and calf
pads in plastic or vinyl

Wheelchair Axles


Caster Forks

Caster Wheels

Standard and
quick release
wheelchair axles
Large selection of
wheelchair & scooter
bearings in many sizes
Caster forks and
caster fork stem
bolts in several sizes
Many sizes available
to fit most wheelchair
and transport chairs


Electrical Parts

Footrest & Legrest

Footrest Parts

Cushions in several
styles and sizes to fit
most wheelchairs
Battery chargers and
fuses, plus many other
misc. electrical items
Replacement footresst
and legrests in standard
and hemi sizes
Replacement parts
for a variety of
footrest and legrests

Wheelchair Gloves

Harnesses & Straps

Inner Tubes


Half and 3/4
finger styles to
choose from
Butterfly harnesses,
positioning belts,
straps and pads
Std, thorn-resistant
high pressure,
and urethane inserts
Screws, nuts, tips,
caps, plugs, washers,
and vairous other items

Oxygen Tank Holders



Seat Belts

Oxygen holders to fit
most wheelchairs
and scooters
Tab mount, rivnut
mount, plus pushrim
parts and accessories
Portable and semi-
permanent wheelchair
and scooter ramps
Seat belts with
several buckle types
to fit most chairs

Seating System Parts

Shoe Holders


Tire & Wheel Tools

L brackets, j-hooks,
offset brackets,
head rest pads
Holders to keep
your feet secured
to the footplate
Wheelchair & scooter
tires - shop by
size or type
Tools to help with
installing and main-
taining tires & wheels

Wheelchair Upholstery


Wheel Locks

Parts & Accessories

Vinyl and nylon
seats and backs for
many wheelchairs
Wheels for manual &
power wheelchairs
plus many scooters
Wheel locks and
extension handles to
fit most wheelchairs

About Wheelchair and Scooter Parts

If you have a wheelchair or scooter, keeping it in top shape is the only way to ensure it will provide years of lasting service to get you around and keep you mobile. Our goal is to provide a wide range of wheelchair parts, scooter parts, and accessories to help you maintain your ride and make the ride more comfortable.

Many of the wheelchair parts, scooter parts, and wheelchair & scooter accessories we sell can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer. If you are not comfortable installing something you wish to purchase, reach out to your friends and family as they may be able to help with the install, or maybe know someone who can.
We have assembled a few buying guides to help you make the right decision in purchasing tires, bearings, casters, and replacement upholstery. If you have a question about an item you wish to purchase, give us a call or send us an email. Please include the make and model of your chair or scooter, the age, and any options it may have, plus what you are looking to purchase. We’ll do what we can to help.
Visit the buying guide main page here
Wheelchair Amputee Support
Wheelchair Anti-Tippers
Wheelchair Armrest & Calf Pads
Wheelchair Axles

Wheelchair and Scooter Bearings

Caster Forks & Stem Bolts
Caster Wheel Assemblies

Wheelchair Cushions
Electrical Parts
Footrest / Legrest
Footrest & Legrest Parts
Wheelchair Gloves
Harness, Pads, Straps
Wheelchair Inner Tubes
Miscellaneous Parts
Oxygen Tank & IV Holders
Wheelchair Pushrims

Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair Seat Belts
Seating System Parts
Shoe Holders & Foot Boxes
Wheelchair Tires and Scooter Tires

Wheelchair Tires and Scooter Tires

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Wheelchair tires and scooter tires in stock! We are the leading provider of wheelchair tires and scooter tires with discount pricing and fast nationwide shipping!

Air Filled Tires

Foam Filled Tires

Urethane Tires

Pneumatic wheelchair tires and scooter tires in most sizes and tread patterns
Flat free tire option for many electric wheelchairs and scooters

Flat free wheelchair and scooter tires made from solid urethane


Tires Up to 9"

Tires From 10" to 16"

Tires 20" and Up

Pneumatic, foam filled, and urethane tires for wheelchairs and scooters up to 9"
Pneumatic, foam filled, and urethane tires for wheelchairs and scooters 10-16"
Pneumatic and urethane tires for wheelchairs over 20"


About Wheelchair and Scooter Tires

For more information about the various types of wheelchair and scooter tires, see our Buying Guide for Wheelchair and Scooter Tires . You will find information including:
  • Descriptions of various tire types, including pneumatic, foam filled and urethane wheelchair and scooter tires, and which uses each tire type is appropriate for
  • Helpful tips on how to select the right wheelchair or scooter tire, including how to find information about the right tire size, tire type, tread pattern and wheel or caster type
For more information about how to install your wheelchair tires or scooter tires, see our Installation Guide for Wheelchair and Scooter Tires. You will find information including:
  • Descriptions and links to common tools needed for removing and installing wheelchair and scooter tires
  • Step-by-step instructions for removing and re-installing wheelchair and scooter tires on one piece or two piece rims
  • Helpful videos showing use of various wheelchair and scooter tire installation tools
Tire & Wheel Tools
Wheelchair Upholstery
Wheelchair Wheels

Wheel Locks & Extensions


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